Our Fabrics and Suppliers

Holland and Sherry
From its conception, over 170 years ago, Holland & Sherry has continued to supply prestigious tailors and luxury brands with the finest cloth.  Consistently sourcing the finest natural fibres, ranging from super 200’s with cashmere to pure worsted Vicuña, a bespoke tailored garment in luxury Holland & Sherry cloth is truly an investment and always a pleasure to wear…..To learn more click here.
Since its beginnings in 1881, Cerruti has continued to embody quality and style, craftsmanship and technology.  Always at the forefront of textile innovation, avant-garde, yet timeless, the CERRUTI 1881 style is in a class of its own: lightweight, fluid, crease-resistant. The sense of design and the search for increasingly sophisticated fabrics contribute to the natural elegance of the label…..To learn more click here.
Cerruti 1881
For 170 years, The House of Dormeuil has developed timeless and iconic fabrics that have cemented the Company’s reputation across all five continents. Today, Dormeuil fits comfortably into the world of contemporary luxury, pioneering innovative cloths using the world’s finest and rarest natural fibres…..To learn more click here.
Loro Piana’s search for the finest natural fibres ranges across geographical borders. It is inspired by the same elements that have inspired every generation of the Loro Piana Family; quality, tradition, nature and excellence. Loro Piana uses the rarest and most precious of raw materials and their tireless devotion to quality has allowed them to meet the needs of the world’s most sophisticated customers…..To learn more click here.
Loro Piana
The Zegna Wool Mill founded in 1910, has been the backbone of the company’s success and is renowned internationally for the world’s finest textiles. The Zegna wool mill has concentrated mainly on the production of high quality wool, cashmere and mohair fabrics. To learn more click here.
Canclini is a reference point for quality, styling, service, research and innovation in the production of Italian Shirtings. The company is one of the leading brands in the sector of high quality shirting fabrics. To learn more click here.
Based out of Switzerland, Alumo is one of the world’s leading producers of the highest quality two-fold cotton shirt fabrics. In the Alumo collection you will find shirtings made from only the highest quality raw cotton, in yarn counts from 100/2 x 100/2 up to the very finest 200/2 x 200/2. To learn more click here.